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Sites and Projects

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The most important known sites are Sagalassus, Selge, Adada, Termessus, Isinda and Pednelissus, Amblada, Anabura, Tymriada, Cremna, Ariassos, Pityassus, Tarbassus, Cretepolis, Panemoteichos, Kodrula ('Kaynar Kale'), Prostanna, Andeda, Ceraitai, Comama, Seleuceia Sidera, Pisidian Antioch, Pogla, 'Melli', Sandalion, Etenna, Sia, 'Gökbel', 'Kapilitas (Kapikaya)', Hyia, Colbasa, 'Kepez Kalesi (Kartalpinar)', Döseme Bogazi.


The Pisidia Survey Project completed an archaeological survey of following sites: Pisidian Antioch, Cremna, Sagalassos, Ariassos, Cretepolis, Sia, Panemoteichos, Döseme Bogazi, Kodrula ('Kaynar Kale'), 'Melli'.

The PSP currently concentrates on Pednelissos, a city in which the first two seasons of research took place in September 2001 and 2002.

Together with the production of a topographic map and a complete archaeological documentation of the visible remains, an epigraphical survey and, since 2002, a geophysical survey are being included into the program of the PSP.